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Dug topsoil 

Here at Edenvale Turf, we provide first-class dug topsoil and mulch for our customers across South West, contact our team today.

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We use quality turf mix to provide a hard wearing turf, with excellent colour that requires little maintenance.

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We offer high standard, long-lasting mulch for a range of clients.

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Our specialists make sure that our landscaping services deliver the desired outcome.

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View our recent landscaping and turfing projects.

Upgrade your landscape with dug topsoil

Dug topsoil, which is also known as virgin soil is produced from green field sites. It features a minimal quantity of clay, is full of nutrients which are extracted from the surface and has plenty of uses. Our dug topsoil material is carefully tested to make sure that it comes free from any contaminants, please speak with one of our team members today to learn more.

Our dug topsoil is perfect for your range of landscaping and gardening projects and works well for the growth of plants whilst promoting the healthy development of roots. The dug topsoil enables you to transform your lawn into a lush green oasis, get in touch to place an order.

Versatile uses of dug topsoil

Edenvale turf topsoil

It is used frequently for agricultural purposes as dug topsoil enhances the quality and fertility of soil. The natural organic matter improves crop yields and improves the soil’s functionality to retain moisture for better productivity.

Dug topsoil is also used in construction projects and works as the base for a variety of projects. From laying a new turf to building infrastructure, it offers a level surface.

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screened premium loam topsoil

When it comes to erosion control, dug topsoil can help as it functions as an organic shield against soil erosion that occurs due to unfavourable weather. Plus, dug topsoil is more affordable than traditional and processed soils. It has a combination of affordability and quality, making it a great choice for large or even small-scale projects. Reach out to our team today.

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